Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worn out from a day with all 4

Yep, I stayed home (basically) all day with all four kids. We did leave the house to take a walk, which ended up being more frustrating than anything. Hans advised me to let Greta & Cora take the wagon with them and said that they would take turns pulling each other in the wagon. Well, that lasted about the first 1/4 of the walk. After that one would pull the wagon and the other walked. Then about halfway through guess who ended up pulling the wagon? That would be Mommy, the one who was also pushing the twin stroller! That was NOT easy, particularly on my wrists since I could just barely steer the stroller with one hand. Otherwise the walk was OK and at least got us out of the house on a nice day.

Cora and Greta are counting down the days until they are four years old (10/29) and when their birthday party is (10/18). I made them a paper chain with a link for each day (with the day of the week and the date written on each link) so that they can remove a link each day. The link for their birthday party is specially decorated so they can easily pick it out of the chain. Since they had been gone for a long weekend with my parents, we had several links to remove today, so that was exciting. I also gave them some coins to put in their piggy banks and then we went through all of the coins in our coin jar to look for the state quarters that are missing from our two U.S. state quarters maps (I only bought two a couple of years ago!). I also gave them each a pad of small sticky notes, so our house is now decorated with little purple and pink sticky notes scattered around on the walls, some with words and some with scribbles or drawings. It was a really exciting day around here! I should mention that neither Franklin nor Carlton were particularly fussy today, thankfully. :)

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