Saturday, October 4, 2008

OK. First goes...

Well, I have been realizing for quite some time that I need to blog. I need to blog for my friends and family who live far away. I need to blog for Baby Dipper to get the word out about the Baby Dipper bowl to those who would enjoy and/or benefit from using one. I need to blog to get things off my mind and off my shoulders. I started posting some things directly on the Baby Dipper web site, but I think this new blog will be much more functional and fun. I thought the title My Double Life would be appropriate for the TWO sets of TWINS I have and the double roles I have as a mother and an entrepreneur. I'll post more as I have time, but with 1 husband, 2 sets of twins under the age of 4, 3 start-up companies (1 of which is mine), 2 cats, and 1 household to run, the numbers add up to me not having much spare time. Please bear with me as I get going on this. In the meantime, here's a photo of Greta holding Carlton and Cora holding Franklin to tide you over until I figure things out.

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