Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nicknames for kids and pets

I've always been one to give things nicknames and it has translated now even to my kids, sometimes without much of a real explanation. For instance, I had a cat named Rocky as a kid. I called Rocky "My Wabulwy." Who knows?!?!? I call our curent cat Brady "Squidge." Growing up, my brother, sister, and I had lots of nicknames (all meant fondly) for our parents. Mom was things like "Bonkabalaba" and "Blob." Dad started out as "Dadlet," which then morphed into "Didlet," "Piglet," and "Pig" or "Piggy." So, what do I call Greta, Cora, Franklin, and Carlton? That would be "Greta Padetta," "Cora Fedora," "Frankalino," and "Carltone." Of course, now if we ask Greta and Cora if they are Greta Padetta (or as my husband says, Greta Rosetta) and Cora Fedora we are answered with a resounding "NO! I'm just Greta/Cora!" Oh, and the nickname for each set of twins: Greta and Cora are "The Weebies" and Franklin and Carlton are "The Weeboys."

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