Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Baby Dipper bowl giveaway!

Wow! Baby Dipper has now made it to 500 fans (likers) on Facebook! As promised, here is the giveaway of a Baby Dipper bowl/spoon/fork set for one lucky Facebook fan. OH, and don't forget that Facebook fans get 10% off of purchases made through the Shop Now tab on the Baby Dipper Facebook page.

And, to add to the cuteness factor, I thought I'd share a video of my two-year-old twin boys using Baby Dipper bowls to feed themselves. They turned 2 in June and have gotten quite proficient at feeding themselves with Baby Dipper bowls. Almost so much so, I must say, that "normal" bowls tend to frustrate them when they have to use them. That being the case, I have chosen to occasionally withhold Baby Dipper bowls from them so that they can build the skills necessary to eat out of regular bowls, too. So, without further ado, here are Franklin and Carlton enjoying some blueberry applesauce:

And, most importantly, here are the details of potential entries in this giveaway (be sure to leave a way to contact you):

Since this giveaway came about because of Facebook, the required entry for the giveaway is to be a fan/liker of the Baby Dipper bowl Facebook page. You must post here that you are a fan/liker before completing the additional entries:

1. Follow Baby Dipper on Twitter @BabyDipper (1 entry).
2. Blog about this giveaway, including a link to this giveaway. This is worth 5 extra entries. You must leave 5 separate comments and include the link to your blog entry.
3. Put our button on your blog (in the sidebar to the right). This is worth 1 extra entry and you must leave the link to your blog to verify.
4. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect. Leave me your name on GFC in the comment (1 entry).
5. Tweet daily - Up to 3 times a day, at least 2 hours apart! Include the link to this giveaway and @BabyDipper in your tweet. Post your Twitter status here (1 entry per tweet). Here's a sample tweet: "#Win a @BabyDipper bowl at #Baby Dipper's blog, My Double Life (ends 8/29)! #giveaway #contest #toddler"
6. Subscribe to the Baby Dipper newsletter (1 entry).
7. Have a suggestion for a new retailer for the Baby Dipper bowl? Suggest a retailer, either brick-and-mortar or online that you think would be a good match for us (and that does NOT include the Big Box stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Babies 'R' Us, etc.). I'm looking for something that maybe I haven't heard of. :o) (1 entry per store, up to three stores).
8. Do you have a baby or a toddler you need to feed using a Baby Dipper bowl? Which food would you like to put in the Baby Dipper bowl first if you win? (1 entry)

This giveaway will end at midnight CST on Sunday, August 29. The winner will be notified by email (be sure to leave that for me!) and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. Previous winners of Baby Dipper bowls are not eligible to win.

Thanks to all of you for being fans (likers) of the Baby Dipper Facebook page!



Sunday, August 1, 2010

Price Reduction on Baby Dipper Bowl!!!

Yes, you read it correctly! As of today, Sunday, August 1, 2010, the retail price of the Baby Dipper bowl has been reduced from $12.95 to $9.95! The price has been adjusted at,, and on Facebook. I'd like to point out again that fans/likers of the Baby Dipper bowl on Facebook get an extra 10% off for purchases made on the Shop Now tab of that page, so that's a Baby Dipper set for only $8.96!

And, as is the case with most web sites, the shipping per item decreases dramatically for orders of higher quantity. For example, shipping for one Baby Dipper bowl is $4.99, two bowls ship for $5.99, and three through six ship for $7.99. Anything above six is $10.99. Retailers, of course, should contact me directly for wholesale pricing and shipping.

So, if you have been waiting on the sidelines to purchase your Baby Dipper bowl(s) or one (or more!) for a friend or family member, maybe now is the time. Please help me get the word out by email, blog, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, or any other way you can think of. Thank you so much for supporting this mom of two sets of twins in her endeavor to bring one-handed feeding to parents and children everywhere.