Monday, October 13, 2008

Tate Farms

We (my dad, Hans, and I) took Greta and Cora to Tate Farms Cotton Pickin' Pumpkin Patch today. Mom stayed home with Franklin and Carlton so we didn't have to drag them along with us. It was actually quite warm here today, about 83 degrees, but was a beautiful, sunny, and breezy fall day. I couldn't believe how much Cora and Greta remembered from last year's visit - the hay maze, the corn bins, and the bunnies. This time we went with their preschool, which turns out to be a much better deal than paying to go on our own. For a school group admission, you get a free ride on the big tractor-pulled hay-filled wagon out to the pumpkin patch and you get to keep any pumpkin you pick out as long as you can carry it yourself. So, we came home with 3 pretty large pumpkins and 2 girl-sized pumpkins. Dad took his home, but our four are in the picture in the bathtub after their bath in bleach water. Now we need to get a pumpkin carving kit! It has been ages since I carved a pumpkin, but I know that Cora and Greta will have a blast! The other pictures show each girl jumping out of the hayloft in a barn, Hans & the girls in the hay maze, each girl buried in the corn bin, a view of the Appalachian foothills behind the vast cotton fields at Tate Farms, and the girls posing with some of the various fall displays set up just for photo ops. What a fun, but tiring day! And that was just with one set of twins that are able to run around! It will be fun again next year when Franklin and Carlton are 16 months old, but oh, how crazy will it be?!??!

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