Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Article on Mom Technology

Thanks to Laura Heuer of Mom Technology for featuring my co-winner in the HP Dara Torres Moms for Simplicity contest Kim Friedman a couple of weeks ago and also for featuring me on August 6. Laura's blog is all about how moms use technology to simplify our lives, so the HP contest was a perfect fit for her blog. Our third co-winner, Stacey Fulk, has now been safely deployed to Afghanistan, though we did enjoy her company on our trip to Rome to see Dara Torres swim. In the photo above, Kim is next to Dara, Stacey is in the foreground, and I am on the right. For more about our trip to Rome, check out the Moms for Simplicity web site that has been updated to include some of the videos we three moms made in Rome. Hans and I had a fabulous time despite the heat and humidity. We do live in Alabama, so we were somewhat accustomed to it, though we are not usually on foot sightseeing all day in the Alabama heat. Here is a picture of Hans and me in front of St. Peter's Basilica. Many thanks to Hewlett Packard for sponsoring the Moms for Simplicity contest!