Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Yes, we made it through Greta and Cora's birthday on the 29th and I'm now worn out after a day of Halloween activities, though we did not go trick-or-treating in neighborhood after all. I helped get the girls ready to wear their costumes to school and then worked a bit on Baby Dipper stuff in the morning between feedings for Carlton and Franklin. Then I got the boys in their cute little velvet pumpkin costumes and picked the girls up from school to take them trick-or-treating in Hans's office building where all of the companies had their doors decorated and were offering candy to kids whose parents work in the building. Cora dressed up as Cinderella and Greta dressed up as Snow White. They got tons of candy this afternoon and were so tired that we didn't bother going out in the neighborhood tonight. We also think that they were way overdosed on sugar after the day full of treats. We don't know exactly what they had at school, but at the office they had a few cookies & brownies. After we got home I let them each eat one piece of candy and then they shared another one, so I didn't think it was that much. Boy, was I wrong! They were completely frazzled by 6:30, much earlier than usual, and then had trouble getting settled in for sleep. Note to self: continue monitoring the sugar intake! It's amazing how just a small amount of sugar affects them! I could eat an entire bag of candy without any adverse effects except maybe an upset stomach. If they eat anything sweet, they're almost guaranteed to have an energy spurt about 30 minutes later. Here is a picture of all four of them. That's Greta holding Carlton and Cora holding Franklin:

Carlton and Greta, Cora and Franklin

Cora as Cinderella, Greta as Snow White

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