Friday, October 15, 2010

Tablevogue brings style to folding tables

At the Atlanta Fall Gift Market in September, my booth for Baby Dipper happened to be across the aisle from the ladies of Tablevogue. At first it wasn't obvious to me what their product was, but I was quickly able to glance over their banners and other signage to figure out what was going on. Their booth was set up with three very nicely decorated tables complete with runners, candles, wine bottles and glasses, and even a burlap bow tied around one of the card tables. Each table had a beautiful table cover hiding underneath the glamorous stuff that was on top. Ah, the table cover! THAT is what Tablevogue is all about!

Made out of patented stain-release fabric from Milliken & Co., the patented design of Tablevogue table covers truly makes any folding table ready to serve at even the most high-style events. Tablevogue has pleated corners that enable the floor-length tablecloth to hang neatly and snugly on any standard size folding table. Tablevogue has covers for card tables, 6-foot, and 8-foot folding tables

In addition to looking fabulous while in use, Tablevogue can be washed and reused over and over again with very little effort needed to be ready to use. After drying, simply shake out Tablevogue while it is still warm and voila, a wrinkle-free table cover. No more cheap (cost-wise and looks-wise) paper or plastic tablecloths at parties, game nights, or other events where you might need a folding table for its convenience, but dread using it for its lack of style.

I took advantage of the opportunity to acquire a white Tablevogue for my card table that I use at various events to display the Baby Dipper bowl. As of now I have used it twice. First, I used it at a consignment sale that was going on here in Huntsville/Madison, AL, while I was at the show in Atlanta, so I immediately replaced my ugly green non-floor-length tablecloth with my lovely new Tablevogue table cover. Next, I used it at a fundraising event for my daughters' school that Baby Dipper co-sponsored. Each time, Tablevogue truly enhanced the presentation and was super easy to use. See how nice my display at the consignment sale looked?

For more information about Tablevogue, check them out at the following links:
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