Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perfect Kids' Lunch Box for Back to School

I'd like to introduce you to the Easy Lunchbox, another mom-invented product and quite possibly the perfect lunch box for kids to take to school or on picnics or in the car, or, well, most anywhere. I came to know Kelly Lester, the inventor of the Easy Lunchbox, when she wrote to me to ask advice as a fellow mom entrepreneur. We have not yet met in person, alas, since she's in California and I'm in Alabama. Maybe someday...

So, the Easy Lunchbox. What's up with it? Well, it is a bento-style plastic container that has three separate compartments. This means you can take at least three separate foods with you and keep them apart without carrying around three or more little containers or plastic bags. One compartment is, of course, just the right size for a sandwich, but it can be used for so many other things, too. The Easy Lunchboxes web site has a fabulous page called Yummy Lunch Ideas with photos of Easy Lunchboxes filled with the most amazing variety of food combinations. There is even a page with links to tons of other web sites that have great lunch recipe ideas.

The Easy Lunchboxes come in sets of four compartmentalized containers with lids of four different colors. You can purchase a lunch bag cooler that is big enough to hold three Easy Lunchboxes or one Easy Lunchbox along with a freezer pack, a drink, and maybe even more special treats for lunch. The lunch bag coolers are available in five colors, though I must express my daughters' disappointment in the lack of pink lunch bags. It doesn't bother me, but I'd say it might be wise to offer the lunch bag in pink.

We received our sample Easy Lunchboxes and two lunch bag coolers, one blue and one purple, so my daughters, Cora and Greta, each quickly tried to claim the purple one. Such is life with 5-1/2-year-old twin girls. As the package did not arrive until just as school was ending for my girls, our first opportunity to use the Easy Lunchboxes was on a trip to the local children's science museum, Sci-Quest, though I'm realizing as I type this how cool it would've been if we'd gone to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, home of Space Camp, and taken photos of my kids eating out of their Easy Lunchboxes in the shadow of the Saturn V that adorns the Huntsville sky.

OK, back at Sci-Quest, we ate our mid-morning snack in the break room after a morning of fun, at least on the part of the kids. In these photos you can see that we were able to fit in two freezer packs, four juice boxes, a soda for Mommy, and an Easy Lunchbox with tasty snacks. We didn't have any fresh fruit on hand that morning, so it ended up being veggie sticks, fruit chews, and one large marshmallow for each of us.

As expected, everything was still in place and the drinks were still cold even after a couple of hours of play. Carlton enjoyed handing out the drinks while Franklin kept an eye on everything. Greta and Cora are excited to take the Easy Lunchboxes to school when it starts back, so I know I'll be referring to the lunch suggestions available on the Easy Lunchboxes web site when that time arrives.

The Easy Lunchboxes are made of non-toxic, food-safe, polypropylene (PP or plastic #5) and are thicker and stronger than common plastic containers. The Easy Lunchboxes are BPA-free and phthalate-free and also meet strict FDA requirements. They are safe for refrigerator, freezer, microwave, & dishwasher!

I would definitely recommend the Easy Lunchbox system to just about anyone, whether it be for use at home, school, picnics, on the road, or at work. In fact, my husband has already inquired if he may use the girls' lunchboxes this summer before they go back to school! We just might need to get him a set of his own!

And now for ways to find Easy Lunchboxes online:
Web Site

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