Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congratulations to the winners of the Business Baby Shower!

The winners have been announced for the Business Baby Shower, a competition for mom entrepreneurs that has been ongoing since the beginning of the year. I'd like to take a moment to highlight the businesses of the three winners: Robyn Pellei of ViveVita, LLC; Lori Sawyer of LS-Fitness, LLC; and Carolyn Carter of CaitiMac Creations, LLC. The concept of the Business Baby Shower was developed by Lucinda Cross of Corporate Mom DropOuts and Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur both of whom have spent many years supporting and educating women entrepreneurs about how to start and grow a business. The winners of the contest each receive a wealth of fabulous prizes to help them move their businesses forward.

Robyn Pellei is a mom of 9 (yes, nine) children and founder of Vive Vita. She has invented and brought to market some wonderful products to make life with children easier. The Bandette is a reusable label for sippy cups and bottles. Gripsterz is a fun new way for parents to keep up with kids and gives friends a new friend to hold onto while walking.

Lori Sawyer is a mom of two boys and is a fitness expert who started Mommy Moves to help moms get into shape after having kids. Mommy Moves now offers various classes ranging from stroller walks to beach boot camp to mommy runs.

Carolyn Carter is a mom of three kids, owner of CaitiMac Creations, and is the inventor of the Clingy Cord. The Clingy Cord can be attached to any bottle, sippy cup, toy, or blanket so that kids can't throw them onto the ground or floor. CaitiMac Creations also offers all sorts of textile products including ruffled diaper covers, burp cloths, and even Boo-boo Bags.

Please take a moment to check out each of these three mom-owned businesses and follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, sign up for their newsletters, so you can keep up with the latest from each of them. And, if you're also a mom entrepreneur, be sure to sign up for The Mom Entrepreneur and The Corporate Mom DropOut and watch for announcements of the next Business Baby Shower.

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