Sunday, August 1, 2010

Price Reduction on Baby Dipper Bowl!!!

Yes, you read it correctly! As of today, Sunday, August 1, 2010, the retail price of the Baby Dipper bowl has been reduced from $12.95 to $9.95! The price has been adjusted at,, and on Facebook. I'd like to point out again that fans/likers of the Baby Dipper bowl on Facebook get an extra 10% off for purchases made on the Shop Now tab of that page, so that's a Baby Dipper set for only $8.96!

And, as is the case with most web sites, the shipping per item decreases dramatically for orders of higher quantity. For example, shipping for one Baby Dipper bowl is $4.99, two bowls ship for $5.99, and three through six ship for $7.99. Anything above six is $10.99. Retailers, of course, should contact me directly for wholesale pricing and shipping.

So, if you have been waiting on the sidelines to purchase your Baby Dipper bowl(s) or one (or more!) for a friend or family member, maybe now is the time. Please help me get the word out by email, blog, Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth, or any other way you can think of. Thank you so much for supporting this mom of two sets of twins in her endeavor to bring one-handed feeding to parents and children everywhere.

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