Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video of boys eating, sort of....

Well, since a video of Carlton and Franklin eating out of Baby Dipper bowls has been requested, I tried to film a video using a camera we bought for Cora for Christmas. Suffice it to say that the film quality is poor and there is no sound. So, I'll narrate in advance: That's Franklin on the left and he is first very interested in the camera itself, then concerned about a dot of yogurt that got on the high chair tray, and finally gets down to the business of feeding himself. Moving on to Carlton, you can see that his grasp of the spoon is, uh, not the best, holding it with his fingertips at the end of the spoon handle. This is probably their fourth time using the bowls and he hasn't made much progress, but I know it will happen eventually. Last, but not least, I pan over to where Cora (in the crown) and Greta are eating yogurt themselves. Don't you just love the *rolling eyes* look Greta gave me right at the end? So, there's a glimpse of mealtime at our house. Does that look familiar or is it just scary?

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