Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review: Hold It Baby Really Does Hold Everything!

The Hold It Baby on-the-go toy organizer proves to be much more than just that. It helps keep toys, pacifiers, sippy cups, books, blankies, and just about anything else a baby or toddler might need from ending up on the floor, whether at home or out and about.

A collection of "holders" of various types and sizes, the Hold It Baby has worked very well for me with Franklin and Carlton, who are now 17 months old. Carlton, in particular, is very much into the "everything must go" phase and takes great delight in tossing items off of his high chair, out of his crib, away from the stroller, or over the baby gates in our house.

I have primarily used the Hold It Baby with the stroller, but as I write this, I'm realizing I really should use one on each of their high chairs as well. I especially appreciate the silicone bands that work well with sippy cups. This can keep the straw of his sippy cup from touching the floor at home or at a restaurant. The Hold It Baby even has a clip that can be used for things that don't already have a built-in loop.

OK, so I brought in from the van a Hold It Baby for each boy and tried them on their high chairs. Here are two photos of what happened. You can see that they don't even hardly notice the straps attached to their bottles, yet when Franklin drops his bottle, it stops halfway to the floor! Hooray!!!

There is good news for you! Each Hold It Baby purchase will receive FREE SHIPPING between November 25 and December 25. In addition, for each Hold It Baby purchased, they will donate $5 to their account with Charity:Water.

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