Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review by the cobalt blue expert

I'd like to thank Laurie Stroupe for the wonderful review of the Baby Dipper bowl and spoon set on her blog, Laurie's Cobalt World Blog. She runs an online store for items made of cobalt blue glass. I love cobalt blue myself, so that drew me to her site and now I want to share it with you. Laurie's Cobalt World is definitely the go-to place for anything and everything that is cobalt blue. The Baby Dipper bowl fits in color-wise, though it is not, of course, made of glass, as that would not be terribly wise for a dish toddlers learn to feed themselves with. So, check out Laurie's site if you're looking for a brilliant blue gift idea!

1 comment:

Laurie Stroupe said...

It was an absolute pleasure to review the Baby Dipper Bowl. My greatniece loved it. And I can't wait for my new grandson is old enough to use it!